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This care home may be a little different than most.  If you (or your loved one) is more comfortable around a lot of busyness and activity then this will be the perfect place.

Situated on over an acre A Caring Manor II is actually the location of Queen Creek's oldest licensed care home, established in 1996 and used to be called simply, A Caring Manor. But when Karen McLendon, the original owner/manager, moved in 2011, she took the name with her to continue her care home business at her new location.

That's when Karen's daughter, Yvonne and son-in-law Jim Dudley moved in and started a care home of their own. Since the name was already established, they wanted to keep it as close as possible to the original so it was decided that Karen's home would be A Caring Manor I and the Dudley home would be  A Caring Manor II. 

Jim & Yvonne, together with their 3 teenagers (ages 13-18) have a very active lifestyle. There is always a lot going on with the very well-mannered kids, dogs, cats and dairy goats!

All things offered at A Caring Manor I (shown below) are also offered at A Caring Manor II with a couple of exceptions:

- Tuesdays nights are Pizza Night

- Sundays after church is an all family, sit down meal. 

For both of these special occasions the children of the home sit down and interact with the residents. Being around youngsters is often a very positive experience for our residents.

Games and activities are available and encouraged to keep the residents as entertained and active as they can be. 

Jim & Yvonne will consider allowing residents to bring their pets* and all service animals are welcome, however there are some guidelines that have to be followed. All pets must be groomed monthly, housebroken, well-behaved and there are some size/breed restrictions.  Jim and/or Yvonne can discuss the specifics of that with you at intake. There is a resident cat who lives at the home, a couple of Standard Poodles and several dairy goats, so any pets brought into the home would have to be tolerant of other animals.  There is nothing that will bring a smile faster than watching a few baby goats play!

Each resident at A Caring Manor II has a private or semi-private room with a bed, bedside table and TV. There are common areas where residents are encouraged to socialize with one another, but there is also private areas for when a resident has guests visit. Of course, the resident would also have the choice to relax quietly in the privacy of their own room.

This is an English speaking facility, but anyone regardless of ethnicity is welcome.


The basic cost covers:

- Private or semi-private room with a TV and WiFi (computers are welcome)

- 3 home cooked meals per day (American cuisine and special dietary needs can be accommodated)

- Snacks

- Housekeeping service

- Laundry service (each resident's laundry done separately)

- Smoke free environment (sorry, no smoking on the premises)

- Medicine Monitoring

- Monthly doctor visits, flu shots, unplanned house calls when needed (covered by your insurance)

-  24/7 staff  (wake staff available upon request)

- Safety Monitors and alert devices  

- Hygiene care **

- Incontinence care***

Additional Services Available (at additional costs)

- Beauty/Barber service

- Transportation to and from doctor's visits or to pick up prescriptions

- Service Plans by a licensed nurse

 ADHS License #A0355H    

*Pets are welcome, but at additional cost. All pet food, vet and any other costs related to the pet are the responsibility of the resident/family

**Special products (i.e. name brand shampoos, deodorant, etc.) desired will be at the expense of the resident/family. To keep costs down, we typically buy generic brands and/or sale items.

***Adult undergarments will be at the expense of the resident/family

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Standard Visiting Hours
10:30 am to 7:00 pm everyday, but we can accommodate special schedules on a case by case basis.

Business Calling Hours
8:00 am 6:00 pm for business calls, but 24/7 for emergencies

A Caring Manor II

18642 East Cloud Road, Queen Creek, AZ, USA

(480) 888-2284

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