Real Testimonials From Loved Ones Of Our Residents

"The friends he made there I'm sure helped prolong his life."

My father had a serious stroke in 2013, when he was 83 years old.  I moved him from Utah to A Caring Manor I in Queen Creek, Arizona. I knew Karen McLendon at little bit at the time and thought my dad would receive good care.  

My father was used to living alone and was not real keen on the idea of sharing living space with other people.  But his experience at A Caring Manor was wonderful.  The nurturing he received and the friends that he made there I am sure helped prolong his life.

Karen and her staff maintain a beautiful, quite, and very clean group home.  My father's environment was actually much better than his own home.  Over the three years that he lived at there, Dad required many prescriptions, hospital visits, emergency services, doctor visits, dentist visits and experienced many aches and pains. The staff always looked after my him,  If our family couldn't take him to an appointment or get him a prescription or something he needed, the staff would assist him.

In the last six months of his life, he had a tumor blockage of his intestines and had to be fed by tubes.  His doctors told us that the care he needed was well above that found in a group home.  My dad wanted to return to A Caring Manor for the time he had left and not go to an assisted living facility.  Karen and her staff made it possible for him to come to where he now called home rather than to a medical facility.  He survived another six months.

I would recommend A Caring Manor to anyone who needs assistance in coping with the day-to-day functions of life (coordinating medications, light therapy, eating, bathing, clothing, etc.)

- Gary Harris

"We have been truly blessed!"

In 2016, a stranger from another state contacted us to share that my Mom was in need of full-time care. As we began the process of relocating my Mom to Arizona, we also started the search for what would be the best resources to aid in the care of my Mom and decided that the smaller, personal care provided in a home-style Assisted Living environment was the right choice. 

When we found A Caring Manor I we knew that we had found a home for my Mom. My Mom has been living at A Caring Manor I since 2016. The owner, Karen, has the best interests of each member in the home and their families as the core of her business. We work in partnership with Karen and the remarkable caregivers who work for her. The caregivers, Peter & James, are the same caregivers as the day Mom moved in. They provide regular continuity for Mom in the daily routine, which is critical for a person with Alzheimer's. 

A Caring Manor I not only cares for Mom's daily needs, but also provides for her mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We have been truly blessed to have Mom in such a loving environment and this provides peace of mind knowing that my Mom is safe every day.

- Tracy Chesney, MSN-Ed, RN, CHSE

"They are like a family."

When looking for a place for my parents to reside when they were unable to care for themselves, we visited many different group homes. We settled upon A Caring Manor II. The decision was easy. It was the place that felt most like home. They have goats and chickens, dogs and cats and children in and around the home. They are like family and the setting is reminiscent of where my mom grew up. I would recommend A Caring Manor II to anyone who is not looking for a sterile nursing home environment, but one that more like family.

--Dave S. (Gilbert)

"It's a very casual but fun-loving group."

So happy to have found A Caring Manor II for my mother-in-law. It's is only a few miles from my home. The Care Givers are very nice and seem to really care about the residents that are there. The home is set up perfectly and it's a very casual but fun-loving group. My mother-in-law told me today she is very happy there.     

-Brandie Slade

"This is a home-like environment...not just sitting in a recliner!"

We are so pleased with A Caring Manor II and the Gentle way they treat my mom. Owners Jim and Yvonne answer our questions as we ask. My mom feels as if she is family in their home. The caregivers that are there truly care that my mom and the others are comfortable and safe. My mom loves to watch from the patio the goats getting milked and the other animals in the pasture. We feel this is a home-like environment... not just sitting in a recliner with others watching television.

-Emma Nigh

I can pop in anytime!


A Caring Manor Is a wonderful home, My mother has been living there going on five years. Mother is happy and loves the staff. I can pop in anytime and always find things in order and running smooth. I am always kept apprised of her needs and wants. This is a wonderful home for your loved one if they are in need of supervised care.

- Marty Hayes

I love how much yours kids love my dad...

Yvonne & Jim, 

I just wanted to thank you for taking such excellent care of my dad these last 6 months, and for loving him and treating him with kindness and respect. You have made it so that your home feels like his home, and at the same time it has also felt like our home. We've always felt very comfortable visiting. While I know the group home is ultimately a business, it is evident that your heart is in it and that you care about your residents.

It's been a lot of fun getting to know your kids. I love how much the kids love my dad and how they like to make him laugh and include him in everything that is going on with the family. Of all the homes my dad has been in the past 4 years, he truly was the happiest with you and your family. 

- Giselle and family

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